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Going on it's first test ride here, finally warm enough, mid 50's, engine still stock at this point, not a bad ride, only 3500 miles on it, and it needed a new carb for sure, epa stock lean, surging cv pile of crap had to go. And did full airbox mod soon after, and twin air filter, with the tm40 flatslide pumper carb, and fmf full exhaust, and some gearing changes, and lost the crappy stock tires. Oh yeah, she runs good now, can't keep the front wheel down, and is hittin 100mph on gps in 1/4 mile, guessing low 13's at this point, not bad for an airhead 650 single. My buddies HD's fear me, LOL, and it out dragged a ktm450exc quite easily. Tank bag is cool, and I'll update newest pics soon. Next mods are rebuilding rear shock, and a different cam, and a 725cc kit. So far only invested a little over 3800 total. The new lowered footpegs aren't in this pic either or windscreen, and supermoto fenders, gotta get the supermoto wheels, in the future. I'll keep ya posted on her progression as funds allow.

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