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  • Remp1660 ·
    Hey nmka! Quick question for you I am going with your pervious suggestion and am buying grim reapers.....where I ride is very rocky so I am going with the 26-12-12and 26-10-12 because of the extra rubber....my question to you is to why you when with 4X8 all the way around on the rims ?
    No, the mounting tabs squeeze down against the sleeve and the bushing fit tight enough in the arm that they needed tapped in and do not to rotate on the arm, just against the sleeve. Mine had about 15 thousands play where the upper could move back and forth a little so I cut a ring out of a oil bottle and put it over the sleeve against the bishing on one side to tale out that little play. Didn't need to but I wanted perfect.

    Hay I don't log-into KR very often. I am over on MIMB or Brute Central most of the time.
    dman66 ·
    Hey nmk,gotta question about those ASR a-arm bushings you installed on your brute.When you install the new bushings,do the plastic ends kinda crush against the a-arm mounting points and does your plastic bushings turn with the a-arm which would kinda wear them down at the mounting points.I installed the uppers,but the lowers seemed ok so did not change the lowers
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