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  1. dyna CDI FRIED!

    Got my new CDI runs great
  2. if anyones factory belt breaks dont get the same kind get a kevlar one

    Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    Will a teryx belt fit all kawies with the V-Twin?
  3. dyna CDI FRIED!

    Dyna is doing right by me since it is a couple of years old it is out of warranty but they said if I send the old one back they will replace it for $95 and free shipping I'm happy with that
  4. dyna CDI FRIED!

    Has anyone had any trouble with the dynatek CDI on and 04 pairie 700 going up in smoke I was adjusting the A/F screw with the it at idle today and the bike quit running when I tried to restart it smoke started pouring from under the seat I turned the key off and removed the seat to find the...
  5. Jetting Help PLEASE

    Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    I just made a crossover intake for my 04 700 prairie with dyna cdi HMF slip on 12 3/4" holes in air box lid drilled the mains to 3/32 shimmed the needles with one #4 washer bottom end is great but at WOT it cuts out it is too rich right? suggestions?
  6. Poker Run Welch Wva

    Where to Ride
    top prize is usualy $900 -$1200 depends on how many people show up
  7. Wagon wheel west va

    Where to Ride
    yea I like to go to the stair steps to watch the action I can ride from my house (mostly hard top) and be there in 30 min
  8. Poker Run Welch Wva

    Where to Ride
    The first saturday in may (May 7th) the welch lions club will be holding a poker run it starts at the old welch airport the ride usually takes you through the charlie reed junction to the wagon wheel and back, pay out is 75% for highest hand 25% lowest hand and 20 $50 dollar drawings your first...
  9. Wagon wheel west va

    Where to Ride
    I ride from my house to the wagon wheel often