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  • outieman ·
    Hello John. Not sure if you remember me but I happened to pick up that machined secondary from that fella on here. Running it in my Brute with big tires will it fail. We trail ride between mud hole and like the idea of the lighter weight. I do hit the mud aswell but usually allow time for the clutch to cool down while waiting for everyone. Also there was something about changing spring cups do I need to do that when I am putting it on my 2013 Brute.
    kt50 ·
    Hey man I was referred to you by a fellow member. Told you you'd point me I'm the right direction. New to the world of Kawasaki. Looking to put an aftermarket exhaust or something to improve torque, etc but don't want it super loud due to being a big hunter. What would you recommend?
    MikeyG ·
    Hey John,

    I sent you an email a few days ago about purchasing a Muzzy SP, a CVT spring and some other stuff... just want to make sure you got it (from [email protected]). I can just call, but I figured email is easier for you (you can get to it when you have time).

    -=Mike G.
    bubbasoffroad2 ·
    thinking about sending you the boys clutch to look at to see if its worth the money to fix on my budget if not maybe you could just keep it and use the use able parts what ya think...
    jbehunin ·
    I was informed that you are the person to talk to about a Muzzy exhaust system for a KFX 700. What can I do to buy one?
    kawi2011 ·
    Im told your the guy to talk to about clutch springs and which ones to get.
    I have a 2011 bf 750 stock other than 27" mega mayhems, i dont want a very big stall i hear the maroon or almond primary spring work good and either lime green or blue for the secondary, was just wondering if you had any input otherwise and which ones a should settle on. Thanks
    tdemara ·
    Hi john I was pointed your way for your expertise. I have an 07 brute force 750. I've got a dynojet kit and a full big gun EVO exhaust going on. With a uni filter. I'm at 640 ft above sea level. What is your suggestions for jetting and any advive you may have is appreciated.
    HI JOHN. I GOT A QUESTION FOR YOU. can you mix front bevel gears between a teryx and the brute to change the gear ratio? i dont want the ratio from a quad it would be too high.
    1.Random.guy ·
    I sure hope you are right, But could you just explain to me what exactly you are thinking is the problem and why the guy is thinking what he is. Maybe go over the whole process of the problem. I know you kind of already explained it, But Im slow. Lol.
    The guy is persistent that he thinks the intake valves have bent. Worst part is I have to pay him still($230) Ugh
    JRs650 ·
    John, got a new 2013 BF 750 eps today.Lookin for upgrades.Told most 2012 parts don't fit.I race harescrambles every week ( CRA,AWRCS,GNCC).Talked to you about the 650 i had. Found out rear diff. went for the 3rd time. I only weight 170lb.Do run Bighorn 25in.Wondering if clutch needs anything? Old back ran well, except rearend.New one seems even faster.If you look on line, you can see i do all right. !5 wins, 1 2nd, 1 3rd. at CRA. 2nd AWRCS. 2nd at St.clairsville GNCC.I know i'm hard on the quad, but i got to have fun.just need some advice on how to make them last a little longer(not necessarily faster),and you seem like the guy who knows. Anything you sell, or know of would help.
    Jerry Richards
    Bruteforcejay ·
    Hello John, I would like to inquire about a clutch setup for my brute force it's a 2012 750 an I'm looking at buying 30" silverbacks and want to clutch at same time I do trails and mud probably about 50/50 let me know what setup to go with and a price please and thank you!
    kuba ·
    Hello John,
    I would like to purchase a map from you,
    Please let me know if you sell these. It would be for a single can muzzy, unit filter,msd.
    I would like to purchase also some springs for my clutch, I run 27" tires and I mainly do trails, no mudding. I love the torque on my brute force and from time to time I like to go wot, please advise.
    bnrf150 ·
    Do you have any super pro muzzy systems for a Vforce 700 in stock ?.. if so how much shipped to 54601.. thanks ..Jason
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