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Mule 4010 Trans 4x4
Looking around I had trouble finding good information out there about lift kits and bigger tires for my 2020 Mule 4010 Trans 4x4. So here is what I did to my Mule.
I started out with a highlifter 2” lift kit. I actually gained a little over 2” of lift with this kit and it felt like the ride was a little smoother. Anyone with a mule can appreciate that.
Then I bought ITP 12x7 wheels with a 4/3 offset and bolt pattern 4/137. The 4/3 offset is perfect. Kicks the wheels out a little but not so much that your throwing mud over fenders. I wouldn’t go any more as you’ll be putting a lot more load on your wheel bearings.
Finally a got ITP Blackwater evolution tires 26x11R-12 for all 4 corners. I wanted the extra traction from the wider tire in front cause I cross creeks with steep sandy banks. Another reason for choosing these tires is the load rating. A lot of the tires out there that people are using are for 4 wheelers and not side by sides. Look at load limits when choosing your tires guys. I Gained another 2” of ground clearance with these tires and I think it looks great!!
Just in case any of you are wondering i do not have any tire rubbing with this combination of the lift, wheels and tires.
I shopped around for best prices and ended up ordering from three different places, but I did save a ton of money. Amazon, Summit and Dennis Kirk are the three different places I ordered and had a great experience with all.
Highlifter 2” lift kit: KLKM4000-00
Itp 12x7 wheels : ITP 1225571014
Tires: Blackwater Evolution 26x11R-12