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Eiger 400 (Kingquad Line) Manual(Footshift)
Bought machine in March of 2016 from original owner, an old man in his 80's. The engine was torn apart in three totes. I put the engine back together with a new stator rotor(the reason it was torn apart, these engines had a problem with the magnets coming unglued) new timing chain, lapped the valves, and cleaned everything up. While it was apart I went ahead and split the cases and added in the 4wd driveshaft since it started life as a 2wd. Converted everything to 4wd on the front end. Added a 2.5 inch lift on the front to level it out. I have put over 1200 miles on it in under a year of having it together.
2003 Suzuki Eiger 400 (Kingquad Line) Manual(Footshift) (Red)


Dynojet Jet kit and tuning, planning on cutting the slide return spring to improve throttle response, as well as adding an UNI air filter before long. Also opened up the exhaust and made it flow better.
Built a sound tube for it out of schedule 80 HDPE gas line(a friend worked for a gas company, so he was able to get me about 50 feet of this stuff in various lengths.) Added a Cycle Country backrest/box on the back rack, and also have a Fimco sprayer that I put on for farm use in the summertime.
Added Vinson front shocks onto it(the Vinson is the 500cc big brother to the Eiger, and the shocks are also adjustable, whereas the Eiger shocks are non-adjustable)
Wheel and Tire
Factory Suzuki 12 inch rims, with Kenda Bearclaws 25 inch tires. The tires were brand new when I bought it and they are starting to show some serious wear after lots of burnouts and miles.



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