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Brute Force 750
Dark Green
Bought the machine from the original owners, my high school math teacher and her husband. They contacted me about working on it for them, as it was starting to have some issues with starting and running. I diagnosed it and tore into it, and found loose rod bearings. They opted to buy a new four wheeler, so I offered to make them an offer for it. It has like new Swamp Lites on it, and overall isn't in terrible shape for being a farm fourwheeler all of its life. I made them an offer of $380, and they gladly accepted it(I think I could have offered them way less and they would have taken it) Currently have the engine completely torn apart and split, waiting on time and money to be right to fix it and make this thing what I want it to be.
2005 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 (Dark Green)


Planning on going with a Wiseco high compression piston kit, all new timing chains, re-jetting the carbs, and some of the various other typical upgrades. Also just planning on having the crankshaft ground and having rods resized to utilize the Toyota bearings, instead of the OEM Kawasaki inserts.
None as of yet.. Probably will end up adding an LED lightbar, a custom soundtube with two schedule 80 pipe "y's" laid down so I have 4 speakers pushing some sound out on rides.
Might end up doing a suspension lift, though I'm not sure yet.
Wheel and Tire
Currently has factory Kawasaki IRS rims on it, and stock size Swamp Lites that are basically new. I'm taking the tires off and putting them on my Eiger at some point, and stepping up to a 26 or 27 on the Brute, since I feel the 25's just look too small on it.



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