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General Information

Bought this little guy in October of 2016.. The guy that owned it literally chased me down in our local gas station parking lot and almost begged me to buy it off of him so his wife would quit bugging him about it. It had had a rough life previously, and when he bought it, it had a thrown rod, which broke the bottom of the cylinder, and obviously messed up the piston. He tore it completely apart, and realized it was a little too much for him to handle. I offered him $75 dollars for it, and he took it on the spot. It came with a spare engine, also already torn apart, and both were in cardboard boxes. I slowly completely restored it over the course of almost a year, and finally got it done a couple months ago. I did most of the work in my dining room. From what I understand, the 230 was the very first 4 stroke sport quad built by any of the companies.
1987 Suzuki LT230S (Orange)


Rebuilt crankshaft by Vince's Cycle, brand new Vesrah rod, Wiseco high compression piston kit, stock bore size, new timing chain, rebuilt head, rebuilt carburetor, aftermarket DG chrome exhaust system that came with it. This is a kickstart only four wheeler, and I think it is the only model ever made that kicks outward instead of forward or backwards. Every single bearing inside the engine is brand new, new clutches, and every transmission gear looks brand new still, even after the quad was clearly abused for quite some time, and being 30 years old. It's a surprising little quad, very snappy throttle response, and climbs on speed very nicely. I've ran it up to about 70 before, as it is geared to go quick. But, I don't think I'll go that fast on it very much, this quad barely weighs 300 pounds wet, and is very small dimensionally, so it is kind of sketchy at that kind of speed.
Original seat, I need to recover it, but it has matching blue duck tape on it for now.
Completely sanded and repainted factory frame, which is Suzuki blue(though I used New Holland Blue, as its much cheaper, and a close enough match that the difference isn't even really noticeable.) New aftermarket Maier plastics that came with it, but I am going to replace them sometime, since they are orange, and this year of 230 is supposed to have white plastics. I straightened the original style handlebars as best as I could, and repainted everything the colors that they are supposed to be.
All original fully adjustable Suzuki suspension, at some point someone extended the swingarm by about 3 inches. EBC brake pads all the way around. Every bearing on the entire quad has been replaced with the exception of the front wheel bearings, as they were not worn at all when I bought it.
Wheel and Tire
Original DID made Suzuki wheels, in natural aluminum finish, with original tires from '87 still on the front. The rears are still the old school balloon style knobby tires that are from '93. The rears are almost worn out, and show signs of weather checking. I plan on replacing them before this upcoming riding season.



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