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  1. Wanted
    Hey whatsup guys, new here. So I'm looking for some aftermarket parts for my mojave 250, its mostly stock, with asv clutch lever, rear brake caliper block off, dg bumper, cobra exhaust,, protaper bars, 2 sets of rims and tires, im looking for a variety of things including but not limited to nerf...
  2. Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    05’ Bayou 250. Wanting to gain some ground clearance with taller tires on stock rims. What is the tallest size you can go without any modifications? Or without major modifications. Thanks
  3. Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    Hey, guys! I'm new here, so please forgive if I have missed something. I recently pulled my Bayou 250 out of storage and the battery was completely dead. I purchased a new battery and installed it. Before it stored it, it was perfectly fine. e.g. turn on the key, put it in neutral and press...
  4. Kawasaki Mojave/Lakota
    I recently purchased a 1987 kawasaki mojave 250 for 250 bucks. I got it home and the first thing that i checked was spark. It was fat and blue. Then i cleaned the fuel system and topped it off with oil and rode it for awhile. Then the valves started ticking so i shut it off and sure enough the...
  5. Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    Does anyone know what the jet sizes are on a 09 bayou 250 I can not find it anywhere :confused:
  6. New Member Introductions
    Im From Hendersonville NC and i Ride a 2003 Bayou 250 that i bought in October 2013. So far it has been bullet proof. My only mods to it are a Badland 2000lb winch and rewiring the lights. Im only 14 so i bought it after working during the summer
  7. Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    I purchased an owners manual through JC Whitney for my 650 prairie and they sent this one instead. :mad: It is of no use to me and they will not let me return it. If any of you have the Kaw Bayou 220/250/300 or Prarie 300, this manual will be useful for you. Covers years 1986-2003. Please...
  8. New Member Introductions
    hey guys, new to the site and new to kawasaki as well. i just bought a 97 mojave 250. i picked it up for $200, the guy told me it needed a cdi, so i bought on on ebay put it. then it still wouldnt start unless i bumped started it for abt 30 yards. so then i red a few other posts and found that i...
  9. Kawasaki Mojave/Lakota
    i have an 85 USMC klr250 motor for sale the odo on the bike said 250 miles i havent taken it apart yet i dont wanna crack the gaskets i did take the valve cover off and i swapped the cams and rockers (i needed em ) so i put some old cams in there with ground lobes and rockers beside that the...
  10. Kawasaki Mojave/Lakota
    Hi, I'm new to the form and sort of new to the sport. I have a 2003 Mojave 250 with virtually no mods on it. I was looking for a silencer and I found one but, I'm not sure if it would work or not. PRO CIRCUIT T-4 SILENCER KAWASAKI KSF250 MOJAVE 86-02 | eBay It says 86-02 Would it fit? I...
  11. Kawasaki Mojave/Lakota
    i just recently got a 1989 mojave off craigslist for 100 and got it running just by thoroughly cleaning the carb but i have to pull start. what are ALL the fluids needed? and what is the cheapest way of fixing the kickstart? Thanks!
  12. Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    Hello, I am new to these forums so I may have missed a thread with a post on this, but I couldnt find it. I just bought a used 2003 Bayou 250 and I would like to put a speedometer on it. The only one made for it that i could find is a non-digital one that costs about $250! I looked at the...
  13. For Sale
    I have a complete 2000 Mojave that I am going to part out. I will be listing pieces on ebay over the weekend so if you need anything let me know. Quad ran when I took it apart. Tires are: (F) Titan fast trekker almost new with 95% tread; (R) Wooly Boogers about 30-35% tread. Parts already...
  14. Kawasaki Mojave/Lakota
    I just bought 2002 Mojave. Do I need to change both Engine & Transmission oil? I see to add engine oil, the plug is near the kick. Where is the plug to drain engine oil? I am not sure what to do with transmission oil? please help?
  15. Kawasaki Tecate
    i recently traded for a 1985 tecate 3 wheeler could any1 tell me about them because this is the first tecate ive owned and i want to restore it also does any1 know any good sites to buy parts from?
1-16 of 16 Results