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  1. No spark on first start of the day

    Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    Peculiar issue. Curious if anyone else has seen or heard of this. The first time of the day that I try starting my 95 Bayou 400, it won't create a spark. I crank and crank, but nothing. But, after a few minutes, it begins working, and starts. Works fine the rest of the day, though. I am...
  2. how do i check for spark....?

    Kawasaki Mojave/Lakota
    my buddy bought my blown up mojave from me a while ago fixed it up, rode it a bunch of times, and now cant get spark he said he would sell it back to me for what i sold it for, but how can i tell y its not getting spark, is there away to check if its the cdi,coil,stator,magnito??
  3. 1996 bayou 300

    Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    I recently put in a new piston, rings and re-set the timing. ran good for a while. took it up north drove around for an hr, and now it runs real shitty, backfires and i took the spark plug out and some times i get spark some times i dont. is it the coil?
  4. KLF 300C coil issues...

    Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    Can anyone tell me how the coil should be wired? i just bought a new coil but the old one was not wired in (just in a parts bin) i bought the Bayou for 100.00. and the wiring harness was a mess. any help would be awesome.
  5. Bad coils??

    Kawasaki KFX450/KFX400
    Okay so I recently bought my kfx 400 and it ran fine no problems then I put an Edelbrock carb on it ran better than ever ( for all who say Edelbrock sucks, well you just don't know how to use it I love mine) anyways then I decided on a Athena 440 kit with a je high compression piston, ported and...