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  1. Kawasaki Mule
    The T connection with the thermal probe cracked on my Mule 2510. I suppose it uses hot coolant to warm the carburetor. I am trying to find a part number to order a new one and also considering just plugging and bypassing it as well. I have looked all over part diagrams, but it is not included...
  2. Kawasaki Mule
    Just finishing some maintenance work on my 2018 Mule Pro FXT EPS Camo, have one issue I'm looking for some help with. When I removed the connector from the coolant temperature sensor, the push lock on the connector broke. I need to replace the connector without replacing the entire harness...
  3. Kawasaki KFX450/KFX400
    I had it for a run there today, it ran alright for a couple kilometres then just died.. I looked into the oil resivouir and it was full to the brim with milky oil anti freeze mix, let it all drain back down and after couple minutes it started again.. Does that sound like the head is gone? I'd...
  4. Kawasaki KFX450/KFX400
    My coolant level is very low, but when I checked the oil resivouir it was near full to the top, I'm guessing the two are mixing.. What might the problem be anyone know?
  5. Kawasaki Teryx
    I just bought a 2007 3010 Trans 4x4 and she is a beauty! She needs a little TLC and we'll be right as rain. I just noticed an oil leak and it's coming from the valve covers, they have melted due to the heat from the exhaust. Does anyone have a permanent fix? I'll repair or replace the covers but...
  6. Kawasaki Mojave/Lakota
    Where to begin??? I recently purchased the atv non running, just got it up and running to find out that coolant is mixing with the oil. I have had the side cover off to fix an issue with the kick starter, are there any seals inside that cover where oil/coolant could potentially mix?? I...
  7. Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    Recently bought a 93 400 bayou... knew it needed cam and couple other things.... however, have come to realization that oil is full of coolant. Head gasket has been replaced... drained oil, refilled, ran for 5 mins then drained again.... and voila, coolant in the oil. Any ideas??????? so...
  8. Kawasaki KFX450/KFX400
    My coolant resivour empty but lots in radiator and oil is low, not showing on dip stick.. Just checked all this 2 weeks ago.. What's wrong? 2003 KFX 400????
  9. Kawasaki KFX450/KFX400
    Can anyone tell me exactly what the hole on the left side of the head is for? I'm working on my cusion's KFX400 and when I start it up and let it warm up to operating temp. You can hear it and see it start bubbling something out of the hole. I'm assuming it's anti-freeze. What would cause this...
  10. Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    can someone tell me what is the easiest way to get into where the cam and oil pump chains are on my atv, do i need to drain coolant,oil, does anyone have any pictures of what it looks like inside of there
  11. Kawasaki KFX450/KFX400
    soo i want to take my clutch cover off but idk where to begin how to i drain the oil and coolant on an 03 kfx 400 and after that i need to know what kind of coolant and oil i need after i refill it all much help would be nice please and thank you :rolleyes:
1-11 of 12 Results