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  1. Wanted
    My brute is running like crap after getting new jugs put on. Front jug leaking water slightly, where the head? And jugg meet. And now after sitting don't want to even start. So may need new cdi. But 100% need juggs
    $999,999,999 USD
  2. Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    i ordered it yesterday and installed it on my today , took a short ride in the rain ( i didn't care i wanted to try it lol ) and it definitively wakes the V-twin up. i won't be going back to the OEM anytime soon.
  3. Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    so i have a prairie 650 4x4 and its registered and was sold as a 02' , but when i went to look at the CDI for comparison for when i buy a dynatek , i noticed it has 3 plugs on the CDI .. and from what i understand the 02's should only have 2 plugs . it was heavily modified when i bought it . i...
  4. Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    so i recently learned i can pick one of these- Dynatek | ATV | Dyna FS Motorcycle Ignitions System ( may not be the Exact one , but it looks identical to the one in their catalog.) -up at my local dealer for my 2002 prairie 650 4X4. its 320 something dollars . my only skepticism is , will i...
  5. Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    I don't buy things much online and buying this would be the most expensive things i've got . im not sure if the dynatek website ships to canada , does anyone know of any good reliable sites ? or perhaps locations in Ontario , specifically the Kingston area ?. any help would be appreciated . id...
  6. Kawasaki KFX450/KFX400
    I'm looking at getting a upgraded cdi for my 06 kfx. I see ppl say to get Dynatek but I can't find one for a 06. Anyone know if the one for 03-04 has the same plug as 06 or if there's one for 06 out there and if not what's some good alternatives?
  7. Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    I have a 2008 750 brute force and I fried my ECM last night and I was looking online and came across a dynatek cdi I was wondering if this would replace my factory ECM or does it plug in somewhere and run with the ECM needing help fast don't have tons of money to dump into it so I'm trying to...
  8. Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    I just rebuilt my '09 Brute Force 750, stock pistons, Stage 1 Hot cams, Muzzy pro exhaust, KN air filter, Dynatek fuel injection controller, and Dynatek FS ignition. I had a map made by Dynatek, but now it stall when I come off the throttle at high RPMs and try to accelerate again. It doesn't...
1-8 of 8 Results