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  1. 09 750 will start and idle fine but can’t rev without it dying

    Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    I bought a non running brute turns out it was the fuel pump relay so I jumped it and it cranked right up. I was using a lawnmower battery for testing got it to run awesome had plenty of power so I went out and bought a battery dropped it in and filled it up now it’ll crank up with no problem but...
  2. Help, 2009 Brute Force 750 NO SPARK

    New Member Introductions
    My 2009 750 brute force lost spark and i'm lost at what to do next. Ive check the crank sensor key, that seemed fine i checked to ensure i was getting 12v to the yellow and red wire on my coil. chased the wires up to the harness and i seem to be getting power from my crank sensor to my cdi but...
  3. New HMF / should I re-jet?

    Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    2008 Brute Force 750 EFI Been doing lots of research on the slip on mufflers. Everyone seems to be happy with the Full Muzzy. Equally good reviews on the HMF. The Full Muzzy @ $600 and the HMF @ $218, I think I'll go with the HMF. (url at the bottom of this msg. HMF>$218 free shipping) I'll snag...