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kfx 700 engine
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  1. New Member Introductions
    I recently brought an 04 kfx 700, and she will not stay crunk nor idle. I took the air filter off and one carb has black stuff all over it and the other one is clean as a whistle. I feel like it’s a clogged jet or worse maybe the cylinder.
  2. Kawasaki KFX700 V-Force
    Well I just got a 2007 KFX 700 and at first it wouldn't run without the choke on and it leaked fuel out of the overflow tube. Well I fixed that, cleaned one of the carbs. and that fixed that. Now I have a whole nother problem. When I try to rev it or take off on it it wants to stall as soon I...
  3. Kawasaki KFX700 V-Force
    Is there any changes in the engine from an 05-06 or any years at all on the KFX400 4x2? I have a client with a 05 (he thinks its a 05, he bought in 06) KFX700 that got killed with the flood irene that hit the east coast. water rose so high in fairfield, NJ that water flooded over the whole quad...
1-3 of 3 Results