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  1. For Sale
    I have 3 KX500 motors / engines 2001,2001, and 2000. All run and shift great. I only search for the best. I've blown away the 450's at Glamis on my 97 KX500, and had my share of fun but the 45 years under my belt is slowing my butt down. There was a guy at Glamis that rode a dam wheelie at 80...
  2. Kawasaki Tecate
    Hello all, I've been a long time Tecate fan - own two of them ('87 and '88 T4s). I've been wanting to do a KX500 swap for the longest time but have had a helluva time trying to find an engine. Seems engines and even whole bikes are few and far between in South Eastern Michigan. So I was...
1-2 of 2 Results