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  1. Prairie 2013 stock (Maxxis) tires?

    Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    I recently purchased a 2013 Prairie and have taken it several places to test it's performance. It seemed to perform well in muddy, rough terrains. Since these rough/muddy terrains were all traversed in 4x4, today I decided to leave the ATV in 2wd and test its limits. Much to my surprise, the...
  2. Maxxis Bighorns & STI Rims

    For Sale
    Maxxis Bighorns with 90-95% tread still left 25x10x12 rears 25x8x12 fronts tires in great shape no holes/damage STI Machined aluminum 12in rims gloss black and chrome they were installed on a 06 brute force 4x110 bolt pattern, fits grizzlies, rincons, king quads Located in Littleton, CO no...
  3. New Tires and like new Wheels

    For Sale
    I have a BRAND NEW set of Maxxis Zilla tires and they are 25-10-12 25-8-12 and also I have like new used for 100 miles MSA ATV wheels Located in mchenry il