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  1. 2020 mule sx sputtering at top speed

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    Can anyone help me out? Just today my 2020 mule sx started sputtering at top speed like almost a rev limiter I did mess with the governor but put it back to normal and it still sputter. Anyone have any ideas I would be very grateful for feed back. Thank you in advanced...
  2. How do you access fault codes from a 2009 Kawasaki Mule Trans 4x4?

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    Hi friends, I have a 2009 Kawasaki Mule Trans 4x4 that I have been having trouble with. For a while now, the DFI light will immediately light and the Mule will have loss of power. I'm not sure where to go in my diagnostic process. I have heard that you can access the EFI system's diagnostic...
  3. 1988 Mule 1000 Electrical Issue?

    Kawasaki Mule
    We have an original Mule that I love, don’t want to get rid of, but also don’t want to pay an hourly rate for someone to troubleshoot the issue I’m having. Issue: It will not start unless it’s hooked up to jumper box. •I’ve tried charging the old battery •Tried new battery •replaced the solenoid...
  4. Stereo Ideas

    Kawasaki Mule
    I just purchased a 2018 Mule Pro FST and I am wondering what to do for stereo ideas. Any thoughts or pics would be great!
  5. Driving the mule pro fxt at max speed?

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    Hello all, I have a 2017 Pro Fxt and was told by the dealer that driving my mule at max speed for over 10-15 min would cause excessive belt wear and may cause the belt to over heat and break. And Not just at max speed, but actually any speed that's constant for a prolonged period of time. Has...
  6. 1993 Mule 2510 4x4 - Trying to find a plow

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    Hey everyone, my name is Brian and I am new to this forum. I tried searching around before asking this question, but didn't find anything that was applicable. I have a 1993 250 Mule 4x4 (only 450 hours) and its in great shape. I want to put a plow on it for my driveway but cant find any info on...
  7. balking mule

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    I have a 2002 Mule 3010 gas. Recently, it began suddenly stalling after operating a few minutes. If you let it sit it starts again, runs for awhile, and stalls again. Replaced fuel pump and fuel relay. No help. Thought it might be a plugged fuel vent, but there is no vacuum sound when the fuel...
  8. Mule 610 stalls after extended use

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    Hi, I am new to this forum. I have a 2006 mule 610 with about 200 hours on it. After it gets hot from use it will start to run rough and then stall. I have to choke it and then unchoke it to get it started again. but until it cools off it will keep doing this. Someone suggested that it may...
  9. Let's see your Mules!

    Kawasaki Mule
    I don't think there's a thread that's just for pics of Mules. I thought it would be fun to show off a little and see other's Mules in action and what kind of mods have been done. Please share your pics! We still have the old 2510. I think we've had it for about 15 years and it has taken a...
  10. New member

    Kawasaki Teryx
    I just bought a 2007 3010 Trans 4x4 and she is a beauty! She needs a little TLC and we'll be right as rain. I just noticed an oil leak and it's coming from the valve covers, they have melted due to the heat from the exhaust. Does anyone have a permanent fix? I'll repair or replace the covers but...
  11. Mule 2500 Torque converter drive ** see video ***

    Kawasaki Mule
    hey gang, Bought a dead as a doornail 97 Mule KAF620 2500. It had been sitting 3yrs due to a "transmission" problem or so I was told. SO..... I used Evaporust on the tank,new lines,pump,filter and rebuilt carb. Fires right up and idles fine. 7506 miles and 880 hours. Slight adjustment to shift...
  12. 2510 mule problem

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    I have a 1998? mule that recently ran out of oil and seized up while grandkids driving it. I had the plane bearing replaced and all the gaskets. After reassembly it, it will not run correctly at higher RPMs. It starts and idles great. The cylinders, heads, and valves all looked good when taken...
  13. [Mule] [H.I.D. Lighting Upgrade] [Rare]

    Eagle Eye Lights
    [Part#: HIDMULE] [2009-2013 Kawasaki Mule 4000 & 4010] [FOR LEFT & RIGHT HEADLIGHTS - H.I.D. LIGHTING UPGRADE KIT] [True Plug-N-Play Kit][Rare: No splicing, cutting, or soldering needed!] 2009-2013 Kawasaki Mule Fitment Guide - At least 6X the light output compared to stock! - - Highest...
  14. ◂◃◂Mule 600 & Mule 610 -- Halogen Bulb Help Needed!▸▹▸

    Kawasaki Mule
    ◂◃◂Mule 600 & Mule 610 -- Halogen Bulb Help Needed!▸▹▸ Hi Everyone! I am trying to launch a new kit for the Kawasaki Mule, but the bulb is giving me a bit of trouble. The microfiche shows one picture and the bulb part number shows a different bulb. If anyone has a Mule 600 or Mule 610 and you...
  15. Mule 610 no power at key

    Kawasaki Mule
    I have looked through the forums and had no luck finding help. So please help. My 610 Mule has no power at the key switch. So it does not start or the lights do not come on when key is on. The battery is charged and still has wires connected. I checked the 2 fuses that are near the battery...
  16. Help with 07 Mule 610

    Kawasaki Mule
    Hi, Im a long time reader, first time to post though. I have a 07 610 that is cutting out at top speed after being wide open for 4-5 minutes, back off and it will run again 4-5 minutes. Also when it revs up or when i take off with full throttle it revs all the way up and then comes down some to...