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  1. [KFX700] [H.I.D. Lighting Upgrade] [Rare]

    Eagle Eye Lights
    [Part#: HIDKKF700] [2004-2009 Kawasaki KFX700] [FOR LEFT & RIGHT HEADLIGHTS - H.I.D. LIGHTING UPGRADE KIT] [True Plug-N-Play Kit][Rare: No splicing, cutting, or soldering needed!] 2004-2009 KAWASAKI KFX700 FITMENT GUIDE - At least 6X the light output compared to stock! - - Highest quality...
  2. ◂◃◂Mule 600 & Mule 610 -- Halogen Bulb Help Needed!▸▹▸

    Kawasaki Mule
    ◂◃◂Mule 600 & Mule 610 -- Halogen Bulb Help Needed!▸▹▸ Hi Everyone! I am trying to launch a new kit for the Kawasaki Mule, but the bulb is giving me a bit of trouble. The microfiche shows one picture and the bulb part number shows a different bulb. If anyone has a Mule 600 or Mule 610 and you...
  3. ✘Rarest & Truest of True Plug-n-Play H.I.D✘

    Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    Hello Kawieriders.com: Are you having trouble finding a reliable & TRUE plug-n-play H.I.D. lighting upgrade for your ATV and/or SIDExSIDE? If the answer is yes, keep reading! We have made it our goal to offer the truest of true and rarest plug-n-play H.I.D. lighting upgrades available in...
  4. Before & After Images of H.I.D. Upgrades

    Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    If anyone has any before and after images of our kits on your ATVs or SIDExSIDEs, please feel free to e-mail them to me at [email protected] We are always looking for great action shots of you riding, before and after images of our kit install, and/or images of the finished install and...
  5. Brute Force radiator fan replacement

    Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    My fan went out on my 05 Brute 750. Called stealership they said $400+ .:eek: They checked aftermarket and said Quad Boss makes replacement for $150. I would have ordered it but I was going on a ride before it would come in so I checked O'Riellys auto parts they have a 10" fan that works...