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  1. Wanted
    Hey guys. I just bought an 06 brute force 750 and I'm lookin for some 28 to 30 outlaws or silverbacks. Rims and tires if you got it. The fourwheeler came with some 14 inch chrome wheels on some 27 inch wrangler tires. There for sale too I guess. I'd like to trade them for some but I'm open to...
  2. Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    Can fit 26x12x12 tires on the stock rear wheels of a prairie 360 that comes with 25x10x12 tires. Also if i add a 2 in. lift could i put 27x10x12 0r 27x12x12 silverbacks on the rear? Thanks!
1-2 of 2 Results