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  1. Kawasaki Tecate
    Hey guys! Im new to the group.. Really interested in getting a nice T4. Let me know whats out there. Cash in hand! Thank You
  2. For Sale
    '86 Tecate 3 *updated* Westcoast swinger and Durablue axle I have an '86 Tecate racing 3 wheeler in amazing shape. No cracks or tears. 250cc bored .30 over, extended swing arm, wide axle. Also have several sets of tires, sand/paddle, ice, flat track, and regular knobbies. Many extra parts also...
  3. For Sale
    Everything is basically there except the rear shock, stator, and reed cage and reeds. If you need anything I can send pics and prices. PM me
  4. For Sale
    Off the original tecate 3 I'm pretty sure it's the "a" model, the ignition isn't there and the cylinder needs a sleeve and probally a little piece welded in it, looking to sell motor as is or I'll part it out piece by piece. I have the rest of the bike except the back shock, ignition,reed cage...
1-4 of 4 Results