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  1. 2004 2wd gas Kawasaki mule won’t start.

    Kawasaki Mule
    So for about a week now the starter has been acting like it was going out. It would turn over, but miss. After a few times it would start up and would run perfectly. This morning I went out to crank it up and it wouldn’t do anything. It won’t make any clicking sounds or anything. Thought it...
  2. Makes a loud BOOM

    Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    I have a Kawasaki 360. It won’t start and backfires through the exhaust. It makes a very loud “BOOM”. Any ideas?
  3. Troubleshooting Rad fan

    Kawasaki Mojave/Lakota
    Hey i think my fan is broken. havent seen it turning in quite some time. does the temp gauge that screws into the rad just act as a break in the circuit to turn the fan on/off? to troubleshoot it would it be safe to just connect the ends that go on the temp gauge while the bike is running to...
  4. 2007 Prarie 360 Problem...i know, i know....

    Kawasaki Brute Force/Prairie/Bayou
    Like some, i went through every post in this forum for the problem with the Belt/4x4 light and tried them all...even put in a new harness and still have the belt light and 4x4 light blinking when i turn the key on. Resets have been done (lost count) with the black and gray plug with the 2 pin...