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I have spent quite some time searching around and am having a hard time finding answers to these last few questions. I am rebuilding an 02 Prairie 650 using a 700 bottom end rebuild kit. My cases don't have the retainers that hold the main bearings like the 700's do (see parts 221 and 14014 below). With that being said, my 650 calls for main bearing part #92045-1415 and the KVF 700's call for main bearing part #92045-0012. I have seen plenty of people that have seemed to just "swap the cranks" from a 700 into a 650 with success. Do I need to use the KVF 650 #92045-1415 main bearing with the KVF 700 bottom end in my 02 KVF 650 cases, or will I be fine using the "newer" KVF 700 main bearing #92045-0012. I am afraid the KVF 700 bearing is meant to be held in by the retainers (which I can't install in my cases) and tolerances may be different. Does anyone have direct experience with this?

KVF 700:

KVF 650:
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