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05-09 z400 or kfk450

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I've read a few similar threads to this one today so i'm hoping i get some good feedback..... Anyways i'm tired of thring to throw my ute around tight trails and its slow and boring to me anymore! That being said this will be my first sport so i'm having trouble decide between the fuel injected z400 or the kfx450.

I have read at least 10 diff articles all talking about how the 400's power is very useable and a great choice for a first sport atv. They are also easy to pick up fairly cheap.

I just dont want to get a 400 and turn around in a yr and have to go through swapping cams and adding big bore kits when i could have gone with a 450 from the beginning...

It will mostly be ridden on the trails and given a lil time i'll be out at the drags with it.

I'm 6ft 1 in 220lbs so i'm sure both will fit me fairly well.

Please tell me what you guys think and how the 450 is out in the real world (tech articles can only tell you so much) I am i lil concerned about the 450 only being around for 2 yrs so far and i know they have had a gas tank recall so it makes me wonder what other problems they havent quite worked out yet...

Any info would be greatly appreciated!:cheers::rock:
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At your hieght and weight you would fit better on the 450 and it will more likely do exactly what you want. You will want to regear both as soon as you get one or the other. The gearing on the 400 is a little high for the bottom 3 and the 450 is just a tad too low. I have been to several national races where the suzuki 450's FI leans out and hot seizes the motor. Some how the fuel mapping gets out of wack in over rev conditions. The same system is applied on their 400. I havent heard of any problems with the Kawie FI except with the vapor locking fuel pumps due to the tank design but I'm pretty sure they work the kinks out of it.
Thanks jonboy Anyone else? there gotta be more than 1 guy out there, seriously....
I would say go with the 450, if you got the 400 you would be wanting more power after the 3rd or 4th time you ride it.
i have a 400 and its my first quad, and i've had it for only 2 months. I ride once a week, and i want more power. I'd say go with the 450r from the start.
Thanks for the info i'm gonna go with the 450B)

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