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05 Brute 750 not running above idle

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I've had this machine for probably 5 years. Ran great when I got it. It was bought for a project in my engine class.
That being said I have went to school for powersports so I have decent knowledge on these.
In that class we had to do complete tear down, measure everything and replace any parts worn out. It has new
Timing chains (tripple checked timing)
New pistons
New cylinders
All new seals and bearings
New chain tensioners
Probably a year and a half ago it started not running right. I haven't really had time to mess with it a whole lot so it has sat.
This year I decided I was going to get it going but, I'm stumped.
It runs perfect at idle but even the slightest throttle and it boggs or stalls.
I went thru and checked timing and valve clearance again. All good.
I have rebuilt the carbs because it sat so long so new diaphragms, jets, needles. Set screw to 2.5 turns out.
New carb boots.
New plugs.
I have tried making adjustments to pilot screw from 1.5 to 6 turns out and it makes absolutely no difference. It still idles fine but no throttle.
I have went through the carbs twice now to make sure I didn't miss anything.
Plenty of fuel getting to carb.
Yes it is all fresh fuel.
Everything is stock

Thoughts, comments?
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Float levels? Coil power? Any charging problems? Load test of battery tested good? It's an 05 so have you repaired the buss connector? If not, do so now.
Battery is good. No charging issues. Floats are good. Buss has been done. Thinking moat likely coils. Pulled and looked at spark today. It was very weak.
Coils going bad..especially both at once are rare but not unheard of. More often they are not charging diw to low power, poor ground of a corroded trigger. Pull the CDI and inspect all the pin connections for a problem..like one discolored.. or..some dielectric grease intrusion.
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