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I bought this quad in June of 09. It had 259 miles on it. Neighbor of a friend of mine had it. Not a scratch on it, and all kinds of extras. It's set up for hunting, plus a 60" plow, winch, dump trailor, camo skin cover, .....
I ride dirtbikes so haven't run this much other than Hunting and Plowing. The thing is great. (will wheelie right up on command) My only concern is with the rear brakes. Fronts will stop you on a dime, but the rears only slow you down. I have them adjusted correctly. When I bought it I changed all the oils and fluids, adj. valves, cleaned carbs.....
Is this brake function normal, or do I need to take apart that entire gearbox to look at the plates?
Any help would be appreciated.
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