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06 brute oil cooler mod

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hey guys im new here, and dont know my way around the site yet, ive read alot of great stuff on here, i just bought a oil cooler that i want to install on my brute, just wondered if any pics on here or steps of where to run hoses etc, im also ordering a performance waterpump, changing to synthetic oil, and flushing cooling system and adding engine ice, mine has always ran hot, fan runs 98% time, i wont know what its like to ride for hours at a time and not have my legs burning, dealer refused to do anything said it was normal, so im hoping with these few tips i'll be riding cooler, thanks i love this site
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You may wanna check this out if you haven't already. It seems like a smiple mod that will help you keep an eye on your temp.

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that site has alot of useful info on it including a step by step guide to installing everything needed for an oil cooler. just dont get too big of an oil cooler like i did. having colder oil doenst do much when you block the radiator and make the anti-freeze hotter.:tup:
don't add engine ice you should be fine with the other stuff.just put a toggle on your fan wire.if you run the ice and are out rideing and overheat witch you souldn't.... you can't add water to the ice
thanks guys, i just ordered the sandwich adapter, & i really like the temp guage mod, i will do that as well, thanks again
Had the same issues you did. I put an oil cooler and engine ice and that pretty much did it for me. I use nothing but Royal Purple as well.. saved my engine a while back and wouldnt use anything but..... Good luck
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