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07 400ex

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I helped a friend rejet his 2007 400ex the other day and after getting everything back together we noticed that we left a small plastic thing out of the bowl. I didnt really think it would effect anything so we decided to leave it out. But now he told me that it wont start.

Anybody with any experience know if it needs to go back in or if its another issue. He just put on a slip on HMF and K&N airfiler. He got jets from HMF. It had a 148 in it stock and we put in a 160.

The little plastic peice we left out is part #27. It says its a jet holder. I know we dont have them in our carbs.

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by looking at the diagram it looks as tho it does wat it says holds the jet in and now the jets probably in the bowl maybe
The jet screws in just like ours do. The little plastic piece just fell out when we took the bowl off. I dont see how it could hold the jet.
everythings there for a reason just try it then if it dosnt work then youve narrowed the problem down that little bit more
Yes, you do have to put it back on...it happened to me on my wife's trx250.
We are going to put it back in but I still cant figure out what the hell it does exactly.
It looks like it is an extension for the jet so that the jet will always in the fuel when the quad is bouncing around.It was probably on but got knocked off when you pulled the bowl down.
we put that peice back in and that didnt fix the problem, still wouldnt start. Ended up being a fouled plug. Its always the last thing you check. :p
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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