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08 BF650 winch solonoid

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I'm in the process of putting a Superwinch LT2000 on my BF. I haven't been able to locate a good place to mount the winch solonoid. Where and how is everybody else mounting theirs? Pics would be greatly appreciated. I need to get this done ASAP so that I can finish mounting the plow and move this snow out of my driveway.
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i have the same bike i put mine in the dry box under the seat near the back just drill a hole in the plastic in the front to run your cables it is out of direct contact of water just make sure you dry it out everyonce in a while because moisture will collect
Thanks guys. I got it squeezed in the dry box under the seat for now. Its not a pretty install, but it did the job last night. I'll clean things up a bit this spring when the weather is better. For now, I can at least plow my driveway.
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