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Just picked up what I believe to be a 1987 Kawasaki Mojave 110 have not researched the VIN.
This little quad looked like junk when I bought it. I did a lot of repairs on the plastics and painted it all.
Fixed the brakes painted the wheels and frame made a tail light for it. Anyway, when I bought it it ran but would not idle, and had to be pull started. Oh I cleaned the carb and fixed the choke cable also. Again, anyway. after I got her back together, I started her up three pulls started right up, adjusted the idle screw a bit and now she idles very nice. Here is the problem, when running if i push the starter button (not good to do I know) the starter kicks in, if I shut the quad off and push the starter button I get nothing at all no click, nothing. but if I jump the solitude polls with a screw driver the starter works. Oh and if I turn the lights off the warning buzzer sounds, light on no buzzer. where do I start?


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