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2 stroke oil in gas??? What yall think?

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yes my pap ran diesel mix for years in his 76 thunderbird always wanted to take off valve cover to see but the car was in a flood.never got a chance
Its just hard for me to believe that this would not cause any carbon/residue build up. The guy actually talks about it reducing/cleaning the internals :confused:
Interesting......I only read the first page though.
I'm going to give this a shot.

It does work well in the 2 cycle engines..........lubricating and keeping them clean...........but the oil/fuel ratio is a lot higher..........I wonder would it work in diesel engines..........I still when breaking in a rebuild gas car/truck engine of my own put a quart of atf in a full tank of fuel to help the valves and such seat..............learned that from the old timey stock and funny car racers..............
I've been doing it for a while now.
So some of yall are doing this on your bikes?
I have...on my yfz and my old V.
sounds interesting... i think i'll have to give it a try on my f150. if it really does clean and lubricate, maybe it will ease the dreaded spark plug change on the 3V 5.4s...

In our application it's kind of questionable. I do use Lucas in our diesels, primarily to lube the injector pumps. You have to remember that anytime you add "oils" to the fuel, in a motor that doesn't require it, it will LEAN out your fuel / air ratio. I firmly believe that Sea-foam is an additive that will lubricate, stabilize and clean, and should be used continuosly. Today's fuel's have a shelf life of approx 15 days, after which will start to degradate. 2-cycle oils......not for me here.....JMHO.....:)
I been running a 200:1 MIX OF 2 stroke oil my 2005 CTD. and have an increase in MPG's and my EGTs are lower then my buddy with the same truck and mods but runs no 2 stroke oil. im about 50 - 75 degs lower. in diesel mag they tested it and shown that 2 stroke oil lubes the lift pumps, and injector pump plus 2 stroke oil has sulfer in it witch ups the cetane witch is like adding oct boost to gas.

running 2 stroke oil in a none 2 stroke gas engine will do nothing but lean ouit your gas mix and oil foul plugs, running 2 stroke oil in a diesel wont hurt since diesel fuel is already an oil. with the gov, striping sulfer out of diesel turns diesel into what is now called sandpaper fuel. it wears out pumps and cylinders faster. by adding a sulfer based 2 stroke oil, you restore the longlife of your diesel engine. now dont run it in your 2007 or newer diesel engine since they are a low sulfer spec setup.
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