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Just acquired my late grandpa's bayou 220 from my brother in law. Too sentimental to just let it go. Let me start by saying I am NOT a mechanic or mechanically inclined. However, Little Red needed a new muffler, starter, carb, head gasket, starter solenoid, filter, spark plug, oil change. Took it to a shop and they wanted $2,500 and I said thanks but no thanks. So.....I watched some you tube videos and tore it down myself. I started in the back and removed the rusted out muffler. Problem 1: The replacement muffler I bought didn't have the muffler dampers installed from factory. I had to buy 2 new dampers but the issue is that I can't for the life of me get the dampers in. Does anyone have any suggestions????
Next, I emptied the oil and this is where I found problem 2: It had at least 3.5 qts of oil in it.....not the recommended 2 qts. Guessing that is why it would leak where the head gasket is and cause smoke.
Starter and carb were pretty straight forward even for me. Now lets get to the head gasket. I feel I royaly jacked this up. Can anyone please explain the proper way to do it? Again, not a mechanic so I cleaned everything up, tabbed a fingertip of oil on the gasket but it on and cranked it down until I heard a click. After talking with my dad I feel that I may have cranked to hard.

Thanks guys!
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