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I work on a ranch and use the Prarie 650 in all aspects of management - from fixing fences to rounding up cattle, especially the latter. Some time back it started behaving poorly. I would lose power when I accelerated and it smoked a little bit. Then a young man came in and played pretty hard with it. I followed him on a tractor one day and saw a large plume of smoke come out of the bike - mostly white. It has run very poorly since then. Seems to only run with the choke engaged some. I have checked the oil level but don't see any drop. Water level as well.
Talked to a friend one day and he was telling me about his problem with gas in the oil. I took the dipstick out of the bike and smelled it, and sure enough, it smelled like gas.

I bought a compression tester and will check it out when I have some spare time. I don't have a lot on the ranch. P.S. - it also has a dead battery and I have to borrow one off the Mule to start it. Last time I tried this it turned over pretty slowly. I did drain the oil and replace it with new. I also added Lucas Oil Stop Leak to it. Haven't done anything since.
I could use some help getting this thing back in running order.
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