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Hi, I have a 2003 kawasaki prairie 360 4x4 that I cant seem to get rid if a bogging/backfiring problem. I just bought it about a month ago, it needed a good carb cleaning, which I did, but the carb was leaking fuel, even while running, so I checked it and it was the needle seat, it wasnt a perfect circle, it had a chinese carb on it, so I ordered another carb, installed it and it ran good for several days, then it started to bog down and backfire through the exhaust when I opened the throttle, couldnt get to go past half throttle because it backfires like firecrackers!! so I thought that maybe it was the carb, so I ordered another one, and put it on today and it did exactly the same thing, nothing changed... the air filter is clean, it has a new spark plug, good spark, now it does have the 4x4 and belt lights on blinking, but It had them like that since I got it, I cant seem to reset the belt light, I already did the reversal plug procedure about ten times and does nothing, the 4x4 doesnt come on or off, it is stuck in 4x4, which I dont mind, I took off the 4x4 actuator and the belt actuator and both worked on the bench test, no problems there, but they dont do anything when installed on the atv.... today I took the belt cover off, and I noticed the belt switch was on the off position so I put it in on position and nothing, I unplugged and plugged the wires for the belt, the grey and black, and I guess I moved some wires, because I turned it on and it ran like its supposed to, I turned off and on several times and ran perfect, no bogging or backfire, so I put the belt cover back on and then turned it on again and it started bogging down and backfiring again....I am frustrated with this thing, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, I was thinking it could be something electrical?? would an electrical problem cause it to bogg down and backfire on acceleration?
any advise?


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