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2003 prairie 360 4x4

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Check belt light will not go out went through the procedure many times, got new belt and new battery. cannot get check belt light out please help.:mad:
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Did you make sure the switch in the cvt cover was flipped to on
Yes the switch is on everything i've tried light still on????
I had the same problem as you do. I even tried the new belt, battery and reset the system numerous times. I broke out my service manual and tested everything with my multimeter per the manual. After testing everything, i finally narrowed down to my light being bad. I bought another one online thru ebay and replaced it. And haven't had a problem since. These led light (check belt and 4wd) do go bad. Just a thought for you. So if you know anyboady who has the same atv as u. Try to swap it out and see if that does it. IF not look for one online. Good Luck and keep us posted.

The Captain is right............and I think after a long time the LED will also fill up all the memory and won't reset.....................
Light reset ?

Hi guy's newbie lurking !

Looking at a nice 03 Prairie 360 but the check engine light is on.
The battery went dead months ago and the seller is telling me these lights are on because of that and they just need to be reset.
Does this sound correct?
It runs great with just these light issues?

Thanks for opinions.
Tell him to reset it befor you take it, or take it for a steal of a deal and reset it yourself... It will be in limp mode when lift is flashing so NO it will not run fine with the light like that.
It limits the bike to below 12kmph
KawiMonster , Thanks very much.
The bum sold it out from under me after we had a handshake deal.
Imagine that, A Craiglister with questionable character? Shocking.
But good old Karma always seems to come around doesn't it.

I kept looking and found a matched pair of near mint 03 Prairies from a seller three hours away that really dealt with me to take both of them. A 360 and a 650 he had bought new.Hope to get them Monday or Tuesday.

Thanks again for your feedback.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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