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I have a full atv - minus plastics, which i have thrown away - ready to be bought as a whole or parted out piece by piece.

I have a seized engine(pistons have seized in the cylinders due to head gasket being blown - Engine needs rebuilt and is confirmed and inspected by dealer) so that is the only piece not currently working on it. The rest is in good shape and mechanically sound for a ten year old four wheeler. Full Ricochet Skid Plates and A Arm Guards ( Originally $560, will sell for $150).

New items that are less than a year old are: 4 Sedona Ripsaw tires - sizes in pictures (cost me $130 each ($520 total) and only have 5 hours on them - will sell as a whole for $300), 4 black rims(Free with Tires- or $10 each), HMF exhaust Performance series ($300 new - will sell for $150), new injector kit(goes with atv), new belt(Shows wear from when engine blew - $20 - good as backup), and K&N Air Filter($75 new - will sell for $20), 2500# Warn Winch($325 new - will sell for $150). The rest is stock and can be bought as a whole or separately( buy the whole atv with new add ons for $1600 or buy ATV without new add ons for $800). Also have a $300 rear seat that mounts to rear racks via bolts and metal clamps and will sill for $150 as it sat in the sun and faded the Pleather that is on the arm rests. Also have good new battery that i will sell for $50. Paypal accepted on all items or cashiers check/money order)

Please email me with any questions and i will respond promptly and with pictures - Pictures also attached to this post of basic items. Obviously i could price each piece or you can tell me what you want and i will take it off and list on here as it is no longer available.

I will ship or you can pickup in Washington, Pennsylvania - right outside of Pittsburgh, PA.


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