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I need some help getting my 2007 ayou 250 to start.

I bought it back in 2014 and had the top end rebuilt with an oversized piston and ring, new intake valve, new timing chain, a new air filter an assortment of spark plugs.

I regularly try and start it at least just to run it up and down the street. A few years ago something happened with the anode on the gas cap and destroyed my fuels system and turned the fuel into a sludge (I live in Louisiana but it may have somehow got too cold and/or water).

Unfortunately I wasn’t riding the vehicle when it quit running or I could give a better description of the failure. So, my wife said when she was driving it and downshifted it made a loud noise and just quit running. I can get it to turn over and there isn’t any loud or bad mechanical noises.

I have checked the following:

-Checked for spark (appears good, but changed it anyway). The manual calls for a NGK DR8ES however autozone only had NGK DR8ESL. (I have also purchased a NGK D7EA from a dealer in the past). Not sure how much difference there is between the 3.

Also, Not sure if I am losing any voltage to ground or what voltage to check at the plug wire. Since I’m getting spark not sure if I need to do anything with testing the CDI or Coil/wire. Any help on this would be great.

-Bought and installed the following aftermarket carburetor:

Carbman Carburetor Carb for... Amazon.com: Carbman Carburetor Carb for Kawasaki Bayou 220 KLF220 KLF 220 1988-1998 / KLF 250 2003-2011: Garden & Outdoor

Note: I have used this style carburetor and it has worked in the past. My original was too gummed up to rebuild ( any help on how to clean the gunk out of the original would help as well). anyone else has a decent aftermarket carb suggestion that would be great.

-Flushed all of the fuel out of the tank added 1 gallon of fuel. Also added some Sea oam and Sta-Bil.
-Adjusted timing per procedure. Aligning TDC on crankshaft with sprocket indentationafter compression stroke. It was off by 1/8 of sprocket.

-I haven’t tried any starting fluid into intake, but I have tried to pour a little fuel into the spark plug area. No Change...
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