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2008 Brute Force 750 Batt issues

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I have a 2008 NRA Brut Force and when I replace the batt within 2 weeks of not useing the atv the new the batt dies. Also when the batt does not have a full charge the screen starts going crazy. I have gone through this like with 4 new batts.

Does anyone have any info on this problom?

Can it be a harness problom?

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Are you turning the key switch to off when you park it?

Could be a short somewhere............could be the voltage regulator.......When its running does the charging system charge?
When you bought the battery was it just filled and handed to you or was it charged.Just filling the battery will only bring it to about 80% charge .You are supposed to put it on a trickle charger for several hours (I usually put it on overnight ). If you did this and didn't run it long it could be going dead from lack of initial charge.When I worked at the bike shop when ever we let someone take a battery home and do it themselves it always came back.
I just ran into a similar problem on my 06 brute force. When I turn the key off it will kill the engine but the dash is still active and so it runs the battery dead when you leave it sitting. I disconnected the battery after our last ride once I discovered the problem and I'll leave it till I get a chance to get it someplace warm to work on it
I always turn the igniton off.

But when i jump start and the batt is low the screen is going Crazy while its on. Unles the batt has full charge.
Someone told me that there might be a short in the harness becuase of water so if there is a short it senda a signal to discharge the batt so it wont cause a fire.

Also because of the short that why when the batt is low the screen goes crazy while the atv is on. Unless it has a fully chraged batt.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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