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2008 Brute Force 750i worn top A-arm

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Have Brute with worn very lose A-arms on top and on swivel ball side not bearing side of shaft. Only has 800 miles. Seem premature to wear down so fast.
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Not really on brutes.....kujo has a real nice fix.
I bought my kit from Kujo and its working great!!!
PM Kujo, he da man!!

Mine are holdin up awesome as are my buddies, consider yourself lucky you got 800mi out of the stock crap.My stockers cacked @ 60hrs!!!Some guy's have 1000mi on Kujo's bushing's already and they are still as tight as the day they put them in :D

Maybe we could get a Sticky done on Kujo's fix? I know i have answered this a-arm question a bunch of times;)
What is Kujo and where do you find it.
Kujo is a member, just PM him and he will get back to you. For $75 bucks he'll send you 2 sleeves and 4 bushings per kit to replace the stock ringball bearing,needle brg., and seals in the upper a-arm.Also they are greaseable and he will send grease zerks as well.
got any pics or instructions on how to install them
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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