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2008 KFX 700 for sale

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Hey guys well I am thinking of getting rid of the V and try and get a 4x4 quad. Any interest for trade or purchase let me know I would be willing to drave a few hours if needed to sell. I have barely ridden this since I bought.

Twin Brothers Racing full exhaust, custom rack (with original grab to goes also), DG Nerf Bars, new mud tires on wheels, the original wheels and tires go as well probably 75% tread left on ITP tires, also has a rox dash, I also have new graphics with a new seat cover that matches the graphics (these are sharp graphics) I am looking to either sell outright or trade for a 4x4 Quad 650cc or larger with cash if needed.

Also have a camo shorty shifter not put on..

Adapt are the graphics. I also have a couple things to go with it stock exhaust, oem grab bar, another airbox. See pics:

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Sell the shorty separate?
what about the adapt graphics?
If you really ARE going to sell it, you would be better off to put the stock rear tires back on and sell the 22" Mud Machines separately.

By the way, how do you like them? I like mine a lot so far.
I like them as much as I have used them really no problem getting through the snow. I could probably drop the price down to $3500 with stock wheels and tires and no graphics, shorty shifter, or seat cover.
Sell the shorty separate?
Price please..:D
If you sell stock i would be interested in the nerfs.
I think I paid $60 shipped and it is still in the sealed package, if I do not get an offer on the quad in a week i will sell it.

I think those were my nerfs. VERY sturdy nerf bars.
They were yours twyztid they are real Sturdy!! I was hoping for a partial trade for a brute or something.. Anyone????
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