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I have a 2019 brute 750 and am having some issues with the coolant system

Bought the bike new in Sept 19, rode it quite a bit, and around January 2020, noticed the coolant overflow was bone dry.
Took it to the dealer just to check it out, they said they didnt find anything and filled the overflow tank and ensured the rad was good for fluid. didnt ride it much over winter beyond around the yard, but in April time frame or so started trail running it again. Kept an eye on the overflow and watched it progressively get lower and lower - i refilled it and went on a long run with the crew and it went down again. During this run, the boys said they could smell coolant, but we didnt see any leaks.
Took it back to the dealer, they kept it for a few days, check again for leaks, checked oil (not milky) - didn't find anything this time either
Got it back and have ran it again on a few long trips, and the overflow is still dropping quickly, so i took it back again, asked for a pressure test on the cooling system and a compression test on the cylinders.

They said the did a compression test (cold though...) no issue, still not finding any leaks

Next step is to tear it down to check head gasket...

I am frustrated as i dont think a new bike should be going through coolant as fast as this one is seeing i have had since sept 2019 and there is less than 1500KM on the thing

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions... bike has been out of commission this time for 2 weeks, with eta of another 2 weeks and I am pretty cranky about it....

Can I bypass the dealer and go straight to Kawasaki with a complaint or ??
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