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2wd to 4wd

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Whats the proper way to shift from 2wd to 4wd.
what I have read on the internet is you can shift on the fly, but my manual says I must come to a complete stop before going to 4wd.
2009 brute force 650 SRA
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got the same bike and had a few issues with this as well. the answer IMO is to slow to below 15 mph and flip the switch. the main thing your looking for is for all four wheels are moving at close to the same speed. i got stuck in a mud pit in 2wd and tried to switch it to 4wd. the clanking sound that proceeded from my front diff didnt inspire alot of confidence. my brother makes the mistake of flipping the switch while he's nailing the gas which is a good way to grenade the front diff.
I keep mine under 20 mph. If your stuck and which it I would stop and then switch it and slowly bring up tire speed to no more than about 5-10 mph until it shifts into 4x4. You may have to this a few times.
its no big deal if you hit the switch at anytime, its made to NOT kick in until you get to 13-15 (cant remember).

just dont get stuck in 2WD, hit the switch to 4WD then hammer it, your gonna get into trouble!
if i get stuck in 2wd i hit the switch then i just bump the gas till it says 4wd on the screen because sometimes it goes in 4x4 but its not fully in till the screen shows it
Ok ,but how about going the other way .Can you disengage the 4x4 while in forward motion?
Ok ,but how about going the other way .Can you disengage the 4x4 while in forward motion?

yea, thats about the only time ive disengaged the 4wd. once i dont need it anymore i roll along flip the switch and go back to 2wd.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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