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32 Upp's

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Maybe 5 hours ride time. I dont have anything with 32's anymore. $150.00 shipped to lower 48
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Thats a great price NC:tup:
I'll take them.
Sold pending payment
Payment sent.
They are just what I need for my trail riding setup.
Thank You...
Sold to Asnowmobiler
dang looks like i missed out on that deal i would have bought them if i knew you had them or log on earlier. asnowmobiler if u change your mind and wont to get off them pm me ill take them
I was just on the UPP site, the crossovers are at $250.00 now:eek::huh::confused:
If I'm not mistaken John is having someone other than UPP making some for him now---They'll probably be a real good price.

Yep... We just got a set and it was 250 plus 50 for overnight shipping...
I thought I just was saving $40-$50:)
Thanks again for the GREAT DEAL:wub:
I picked them up today at the post office.
They look great,thanks again...:tup:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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