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38mm Carbs

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Been looking for a parts breakdown diagram for these CBR 38mm carbs I have. Seems there were some washers and springs missing from the mixture screw and who knows what else. If anyone has a link to a diagram please post it here. I need to get these put back together and need to order some parts.
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I just finished a set, you can have the 2 take offs
:notworthy:Thanks Tom, I'll take them.
Thanks again Tom, got the carbs.
Now, does anyone have an idea where to start with jetting on these 38's? I have a 730 with Fundy 11.5's, ported heads, UPP intakes with no crossover, Stage 3 cams, and a standard Muzzy. Have 42 pilots for them. Is shimming of the needles needed?
i need to know all of the same eventually, bought a set also
Forgot to add, my elevation is near 1000'.
Cool, looks like I have jets in that size range.
What is everyone running for air filters on these 38's? I have the GYTR filter on my 36's, will these fit?
check and find out :p

I am running a K&N on mine. Part number RU-4720
Yes, they should fit.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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