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38mm Keihin Carbs, intakes, and outerwears

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Carbs are dented and cracked but they worked flawlessly when removed. OHVFORCE dropped them but never replaced them because there was no need for it. They will come with 36mm custom intakes made by Glenn, 2 k&n pod filters, and a used but still usable outerwears. No main or pilot jets included.

I'm willing to separate.
Carbs $225 shipped
36mm intakes $60 shipped
Filters and outerwears - SOLD!

See dent here.

See crack here.

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I'm willing to separate.
Carbs $225 shipped
Intakes $60 shipped
Filters and outerwears $40 shipped
All together = $300 shipped
If the filters fit the 36mm CBR carbs I will take em.
I can't answer that question. Hopefully someone that knows for sure chimes in.
Okay, well as soon as we figure it out send me your paypal info and I will get ya the money
Filters are sold and have been shipped via USPS priority mail!

Speed check your paypal account. Pm me if you have any questions.
Still have the carbs and intakes...bump!
SOLD and shipped via UPS ground!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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