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4wd problem...doesnt seem to be actuator

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brute 05. when you normally shut the quad off the belt actuator kinda spins and shuts off, this I believe is normal. The 4/2 light flashes back and forth on me sometimes. When this happens I shut the quad off and turn it back on. Once in a while this clears it out. When it doesnt. I notice that I cant hear the belt actuator going. Once I turn on the key again and hear it go...everything seems to work fine for a while. What is the problem? I cleaned out the 2/4 actuator on the front drive. It seemed to be fine. Where do I look now?
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Check for any loose connections and bad switches...........check the engine brake actuator....it may need serviced.............
your clutch actuator is faulty. The service manual states that depending on the number and frequency of 2/4 wd flashes tells you whether clutch or 4wd actuator is bad.

If 4wd is working properly and you intermittently hear the clutch motor then that is it.
I changed the Clutch actuator and haven't had a problem since. Thanks guys!
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