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Below are the links to the Pit Bull Tires King of the Hammers UTV Race Rules, Sign Up Sheets and General Information. You can still sign up for the race. My understanding is that the course is great...not too tough...just right. $5,000 is the prize...plus free tires to the top three and the last place racer. There are still plenty of positions open for the race as of today. The race is Thursday February 11th.

Any questions contact Charlene Bower at [email protected]

Step up and enter this thing. It's going to be fun...I know...I was out there last year and it's a freaking blast. They're expecting 20,000 people this year or more. There's no better feeling than being part of something bigger than life...the energy is intense...and you only live once.

Here's the info:
The UTV Rules got posted today.....

The UTV Registration form is at.... Deadline has been extended

Some good information on the race itself....

Also...here's a killer video of our GROWLER XOR tires in action on snow/ice/hard pack.


Here's another video of the GROWLER XORs in the Deep Snow -


Here's a great review of our ROCKER Uber XOR tire -

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