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700v died twice yesterday without warning????

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I adjusted the valves a week ago and rode it about 15-20 hours worth without a problem. Well we got alot of snow a couple of days ago. I went riding 2 days ago for about 5 hours and no problems whatsoever. I went again yesterday and while it was warming up it dies. I go to restart and it too a really long time to start. It should of started right up based on previous starting abilities. I looked for blown fuses and took the seat off to check that when the key was cycled on and off that I could hear the fuel pump working. It was and with full choke on it started after about 10 sec of steady trying. All was good, I went riding for about 5 min, and went to go back home for a min and I was full throttle going up a snowy hill and the motor seemed to power down like it was missing or running out of fuel. It took about 3 secs to die. I tried to start but wouldnt. I did like before and cycled the key on and off several times and fuel pump was working. It finally started back before the batt dies from trying. Made it back home no prob. Went in for a while and came back out and it started no prob. Havent had time to ride again yet. I almost think its electrical because if it was running out of fuel from a bad pump wouldnt it backfire some due to leaning out the mixture??? Would love to hear all lopinions because I have to find this gremlin before summer and I get stranded out somewhere. Thanks to all.:huh:
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hmm, I agree if it was fuel it would start missing and backfiring a bit,

It could well be an electrical problem, maybe a coil breaking down especially under load?

Maybe Cdi overheating?

Just a few of my thoughts, or maybe as its getting warm one of the rubbers are letting air in?

good luck
found it, gas cap was too tight and the tank vent line was stopped up not letting air back in the tank.
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