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Did this a while back and thought I would share it with you guys.

I got in a lot of fixes where I needed a winch in the rear so I came up with this. Just took stock receiver tubing and made the bracket to U-bolt onto the frame, it also has a bottom bolt that goes through the original hitch hole. Then used a piece of smaller tubing that just fit in the receiver and bolted it to the winch plate. Slid it in the receiver at the right depth, drilled a hole for the pin, put in the pin w/ keeper, wired the winch in with fuse and quick connect plugs, and thats about it. I can put it on or take it off really fast. As you can see in the pic the hitch with the 2" ball slides in and pins the same as the winch.
The winch is 3000lbs with a wirless remote. I can set on the seat and operate both front and rear winches if needed.
The winches really come in handy when you ride with those that have other than Kawasaki machines. LOL :lol:

All this for less than $100 including the material and winch plus my labor.
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