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8 inch beadlocks

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I need a set of beadlocks or just 1 good one for that matter. 8x8, 4on110 or 4x4 whatever you have would help.
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Are these for your Brute SRA? Cause they aren't 4/110.

I have a set for your Brute if interested.
Actually these are for my racing lawn mower!!! I just got into mowers recently and now I need a beadlock on the back right to keep the tire on the bead in the curves!
:lol: That's awesome.
I have done some crazy stuff in the past, but dollar for dollar Mower racing might just be the most fun! I have built 2 atvs, numerous racecars, and all kinds of other stuff and so far I have less money in the mower and I can race it more times per year for far less money. By the way my single cylinder mower will run 60 flat out. But it only weighs about 350.
Anybody got any of these for sale yet??? I ran the mower this weekend with normal Douglas 8x8 wheels and actually blew the inside bead over the lip of the wheel, I had 12 lbs of air in the tire when it happened!!!! Also when this happened I was making my move into first place, talk about a wild ride!!
I WILL have someone video the next outing and post it up!!! My wife said that there were several times when the whole mower was a foot in the air and I was half off of it! GOOD TIMES
I have been checking ebay but haven't happened on a set with money in my pocket. Anybody here found some in the shed yet?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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