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86-87 T3 330 kit ready to go!

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Here we go guys and gals. I cant find anybody on my list waiting for one of these kits, so here it is available first come first serve.

Its a 330 kit, that bolts straight onto a stock rod and bottom end. No mods are necessary to slap this sucker on. The port timing has been set up for all around use. Good low end, with lots of power up top.

Kit includes:

-Cylinder freshly nickasil plated
-Modified piston
-Newly designed Sprock billet cool-head with o-ring design
-dome size of your choice. High compression (race fuel) medium (race mix) low (pump gas)
-acorn nuts, and brass washers to seal everything up.
-base gasket

Piston is not pictured, forgot to throw it down when I was taking the pictures earlier.

$600 shipped to your door. All products come with a satisfaction money back guarantee. If your not satisfied with what you get, send it back for a full refund.

These kits are tried and true, the same kits Corey has produced for years. There will be more available shortly. This has been on the shelf for a little bit, want to get it in somebody elses hands that will use it.

No power valves included. You will need to supply your own. Our plating company usually cleans these up really nice, but for whatever reason this one came back with a little bit of paint. For no extra charge I will put a coat of high temp PJ black engine paint on. Otherwise, this is what you get.

Thanks, call with any questions. I also accept credit cards along with paypal if interested.
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Do you or will you be making any 1st gen 330kits?
Yes sir.

I just did these last weekend. They are ported, decked, and bored ready for the plating company to do their majic.

Big thing is I want to wait until I turn this prototype:

into a completed product, so I can offer the full kit. The aluminum has been ordered for these heads. Just waiting for it to arrive, then its off to my CNC guy here who is eagerly waiting.

It will be soon.

This kit here will be on ebay tomorrow.
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How much are the wooden heads, what kind of performance do they provide? Do you have them in Maple? jk
The wood heads are for the steam conversion kit. It's for the broke racers who can't afford gas anymore and need a cheaper fuel. Hey water is free!
Wow I though you just lite the head on fire and go like hell till it burns out... LOL
if i sent you my kx cylinder can you do that ?
yes sir I can.

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